Techsealab is a Breton company providing both marine and terrestrial plant Biotechnologies.


Our main activity consists of implementing the following technologies :

  • Through our own technologies, we develop and distribute original active ingredients in liquid, solid or cream form. These ingredients are made up of rigorously selected raw materials, harvested in an exceptional site located in the south end of the Finistère.
  • The formulation of finished products dedicated to wellness, nutrition and agriculture markets.
We are experts in our field with professional know-how. We have constant respect for the environment and are committed to continuous innovation..

Our core values

  • To propose natural alternatives by valuing local algae and plants.
  • To develop our solutions by implementing a constant dynamic evolution of our high value-added products.
  • To respect mankind and the environment by using selected plants, natural raw materials in order to design our products for traditional and organic agricultural sectors, food-processing industries and wellness and nutrition sectors.

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