ALGI 236

Algi 236Fertilizer enriched with trace elements (Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese).


Algi PKFertilizer enriched with phosphorus.


BoralgBoralg is an E.C fertilizer enriched with Boron for foliar application and based on Fucagri, micronized algae cream.


FucofraiseFucofraise reduces growth stoppages at an earlier stage of development, favors photosynthesis, synthesis and storage of sugars. Fucofraise generates a better rooting development and improves plant’s water supply and mineral nutrition.


FucocitrusFucocitrus promotes a strong rooting development stimulates the plant stress resistance and the rhizosphere and assure a very good nutrition especially for Phosphorous. Fucocitrus is a natural fertilizer suitable for all types of plants, in particular Citrus trees. It contains brown seaweeds extracts that encourage profuse root development.


FucogreenFucogreen is a liquid fertilizer enriched with Nitrogen for turf and horticulture. Specifically made from micronized algae cream, Fucogreen allows the plant to develop deeper roots that can tap into soil water reserves and thus, are able to resist drought damage.


OrtieflorThis 100% natural product of macerated nettles is prepared in accordance with the authorised recipe of 2011-01. Ortieflor is a broth of natural nettles and water obtained by controlled fermentation and filtering. Ortieflor, natural phyto-stimulant, is naturally rich in nitrogen, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Our product activates the growth and resistance of plants to diseases and insects. Ortieflor is a natural alternative to the use of chemical pesticides.

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